Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pit

Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pitVeteran secular parties Liza Minelli could not resist on stage after singing several songs and was taken to hospital, said the organizers of the concert in Sweden.Minelli fell into the orchestra pit during a Christmas concert Wednesday night, but she managed to catch the technical Director, helping her to avoid serious injuries."It was a terrible situation," says one of the organizers of Michael Silfverskiold, She flew straight into the orchestra pit. Well, the technical Director was there at the time".Liza Minnelli performed with other well-known performers, and the concert was last on tour in Sweden.From the hospital she was discharged on Thursday morning, and she flew back to the United States. More, the organizers have not been able to report on this situation. However, the representatives of the singer explained that recently Minelli was feeling ill, and her health has reflected on the last statement.As Reuters reports a source on the scene, the police were called, as the crowd Boos of the audience began to demand money back. Source: Liza Minnelli fell into the orchestra pit. . Читать полностью -->

Moses fell in love with two boys

Moses fell in love with two boysOutdoor gay honored artist of Russia Boris Moiseev, in recent years, regularly promising journalists to go down the aisle with a woman who continues to be interested in the talented young men.The artist is thinking about a joint project with a young team Bk! - perhaps the only new team that drew the attention of the audience and music critics at the afterparty MTV RMA.Soloists Bk! - Paul Maclay and Boris Khludnev - look good and "heard" not only on stage but also in life. Two good friends went hard to his goals and before you go on stage, knew show business from the inside. Now, knowing the hard rules of the game, they challenge the fate. Their first single - "My Emotions". . . Читать полностью -->

Mary-Kate Olsen got on a hospital cot

Mary-Kate Olsen got on a hospital cotOne of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate, was hospitalized with a kidney infection. About it to People magazine reported the press Secretary of the young actress. "Mary-Kate a kidney infection. She's resting now and in the coming days will be discharged," - said Nicole Caruso.Olsen, which in June was 21, recently said that she is all right with health. "Mentally and physically I feel good," she said in September, in preparation for the debut in the TV series Weeds.In 2004 Mary-Kate went for treatment to the clinic Cirque Lodge in Utah, where recently checked out her colleague Lindsay Lohan, in connection with a mental disorder of appetite.In February, Forbes ranked Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who in 2006 earned $ 40 million, the highest paid Teens in Hollywood. The condition of sisters Olsen is estimated at $ 100 million and the rating of the richest women in the world according to Forbes they occupy eleventh place. Читать полностью -->

Old Babkina dyed blonde

Old Babkina dyed blonde Yesterday for new year's project "Two stars" losing weight and tireless Nadezhda Georgievna turned to the blonde. For conservative Babkina it's kind of a feat, because she wore her dark hair.But now the singer suddenly wanted to radically change the appearance.Apparently, Nadezhda Georgievna like to be blonde.Who knows, maybe with time I will virusus in an even lighter color, " she admitted "Z". - I have nothing happened in life, I just grew tired of being a brunette and wanted a change.Appreciated the reincarnation of Babkina and her colleagues on the stage. So, Boris Moiseev exclaimed, seeing a new Babkina:- So, I change the orientation and seduces grandmother...Not less than positive feedback earned the singer and from other participants of the project. Source: Old Babkina dyed blonde (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Kiefer Sutherland has fully served a prison sentence

Kiefer Sutherland has fully served a prison sentenceOn Monday shortly after midnight local time, American actor Kiefer Sutherland was released from prison California city of Glendale, where he has fully served a 48-day sentence for driving while intoxicated.About it reports pagesix.Kiefer got out of jail through a back door. With a police escort, he left in a car of his press Secretary. A police source said: "Kiefer is very pleased that he got out of prison and is able to return to his home. In prison Kiefer was a model prisoner and worked in the Laundry. The guards he jokingly admitted that now cross the threshold of the Laundry soon. He also said that missed real food and can no longer see the prison sandwiches".On September 25 last year, police stopped Sutherland late at night when he was returning from a party in Hollywood. Читать полностью -->

Mistress Sarkozy boasted forms in a bikini

Mistress Sarkozy boasted forms in a bikini From time to time, Carla Bruni resting from burdensome role of the beloved of the French President. And prefers to do it on the sea - much to the delight of French citizens. This time the photographers caught Bruni in Corsica.No doubt the fact that in his forty years miss Bruni is in great shape and could easily change the residence of the French President's "lantern" on the podium.This "First lady" France can be proud of. Meanwhile, Italian singer and supermodel Carla Bruni said in an interview with Reuters, "it's" not married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.So she put an end to endless conversations about what they secretly tied the knot.Meanwhile, the French site is glamorous gossip, Alain Jules", which a month ago had predicted a date for the wedding of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy - 9 February, now says that the couple is expecting a child. According to the website, Carla, met with the President of France on 23 November, already managed to get pregnant from him.The other day, allegedly, the President learned the news on his cell phone from the Bruni - she called him immediately after receiving the results of the analysis and consultation with a physician at the American hospital in prestigious Parisian suburb of Neuilly, where Sarkozy has long worked for the mayor. "This is serious!" - the President responded and spoke in the spirit that it would be good it turned out to be a girl. Читать полностью -->

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