On Savicheva fell a huge tree

On Savicheva fell a huge treeThe other day Julia Savicheva got back from Japan. During the trip the singer took time and work, and the land of the rising sun to see. However, without incident cost Savicheva got into a real Typhoon.Julia flew to Japan for the first time. And the first day in Tokyo was declared a storm warning. At the airport canceled all flights, ground movement stopped.We barely had time to run to the hotel, when did the Typhoon, " says Julia. Outside there was a terrible wind, the rain poured down. It seemed that, if not grab hold of some support, you will carry out. On the street in millimeters from me fell a huge tree. Even a little bit, and I would not talk to you.When the elements had calmed down, the singer visited the Imperial Palace, walked around the Japanese garden and visited the tea ceremony. But most of all Savicheva surprised the streets of Tokyo and the Japanese themselves.- It's something incredible, completely different from the other countries! "says Julia. - There is no free weather at all, and breathe freely. Struck by the young people: it seems that they went with the comic book covers anime, hair dyed a crazy color and all absolutely wear leggings! Source: Savicheva fell a huge tree.

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