Drunk men fingered Friske

Drunk men fingered FriskeThe most sexy Russian pop singer Zhanna Friske, arriving at a private party in one of the Rostov fashionable clubs, and even could not imagine that she would have to fend off annoying fans.Escaping from persistent admirers, the singer literally ran away from the scene. The guests of the party, fairly "prepared alcoholic cocktails, met Friske sexy enraptured roar.- Hey, Hey! - asked Jeanne to the guests after the first song. Men, rise to me, one on stage is boring!Hot southern boys immediately surrounded the singer from all sides. They hugged Joan, and one brave soul even kissed a visiting beauty on the cheek. Fans went in on the joke, than pretty confused Friske, the newspaper "Life".- What do you got me so grabbing? - troubled singer and, escaping from prying hands and lips, ran backstage. Source: Drunk men fingered Friske.

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