Alsu bear in Russia with the gynecologist from USA

Alsu bear in Russia with the gynecologist from USAAlsou, who gave birth a year ago, a charming little daughter Safin, pregnant again. Despite the still small term, the singer have already thoroughly thought out where and how to give birth.The news of the second pregnancy of the popular singer was pleasantly surprised by almost all of her friends and relatives and only beloved grandmother Alsou - Tasker Salakhova - I was not surprised.As it turned out, a wise woman knew that soon her granddaughter will be in an interesting position.- I prayed that Alaska gave birth to my grandson, " says the grandmother of the singer. And Heaven has heard my request. I know that she would have a son.SonActually the term Alsou now very small, and determine the sex of a baby is difficult enough, but the parents of the singer will welcome any child.- I don't care who is born, son or daughter - admitted "Z" mother of the singer's ramzia. - I would love him regardless of gender.The very same celebrity now more worried not about the sex of their baby and his birth.According to friends of the young mother, Alsu long thought, where better to be born to her second child. Initially, upon learning of her pregnancy, the actress decided to leave for Los Angeles in an elite hospital "Ceders Sinai, but after a family Council refused this idea. One of the most ardent opponents of the departure of the singer to America again was made by her grandmother, who said that again for a long time will not be able to see great-grandchildren.The doctorIn the end, Safina decided not to offend an elderly woman in the family actress has a big impact on their family, and agreed not to send her daughter to America.- Alsu will only give birth in Russia, said "Z" mother of the singer.The singer has easily found a compromise in this serious matter. Alsu just invited to Moscow his personal American gynecologist, who took her first birth.Celebrity agreed that on the last month of pregnancy the doctor will arrive in Russia and will personally attend the birth, helping professionals. According to friends of the singer, after birth Safina he became a family friend, and he Alsu trusts as any other doctor in Russia. Source: Alsu bear in Russia with the gynecologist from USA.

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