Prokhor Chaliapin did rhinoplasty

Prokhor Chaliapin did rhinoplastyThe graduate of "factory of stars" Prokhor Chaliapin hones not only vocal skills but also appearance.As found "Z", the singer had plastic surgery on his nose. Prokhor recently became more and more unhappy with this part of your face and in the end decided on the plastic.- I saw some of your photos, and I did not like them, " says the singer "Z". - My nose was like a potato, perhaps this was the last straw.As found "Z", Chaliapin appealed to the European medical center to one of the best surgeons. He explained to the doctor that wants to change the shape of the nose, and after a few days lay on the operating table. For services Prokhor posted about six thousand euros.The operation lasted two hours, and the next day the singer was allowed to go home.- No pain I, fortunately, don't feel, just a nose itches sometimes, " continues the singer. But the week I need to rest up at home until everything is completely healed. Although the operation I was serious, I didn't break the septum. Source: Prokhor Chaliapin did rhinoplasty.

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