The first Soviet horror film `Viy` marks 40 years

The first Soviet horror film `Viy` marks 40 yearsThe first Soviet horror film "Viy", a film based on a mystical story by Nikolai Gogol, turns 40. This adaptation was considered one of the worst paintings of European cinema of the sixties.In the film directed by Konstantin Ershov just spilled one drop of blood - when the maiden, scaring Bursak, let the bloody tears, marks role of the young mistress is played by the actress Natalya Varley. Viy intervened in her fate and outside the set. According to the actor's superstition, it is categorically impossible to portray on screen or on stage, death of your character. Varley, who in the story was supposed to lie in the grave, after the shooting seriously and permanently ill. Unhappiness, fatally associated with the "Wii" would haunt her for a long time, and only after she repented and was baptized in servce, mystery over.Not for one Varley this film became the living embodiment of will. After the premiere of the picture in 1967, one after another began to die its creators: operator, Director, two actors, including the performer of the role of the Wii.In 2006 in the Carpathian village of Horohorin-Forest Ivano-Frankivsk region was completely burnt wooden Church, where in the 60-ies of the film was shot. Operating temple of the blessed virgin Mary burned to the ground in a matter of hours, despite the efforts of five fire brigades, called out of Bohorodchany district to help the villagers.In Gogol's "Viy", embodied on the screen by filmmaker Alexander Ptushko, Cossack Dorosh told the philosopher Khoma the story of how the witch Sila with the light of the trainer Mikita: "And when they came again to the stables, instead there was only a pile of ash Yes empty bucket: burned at all. Now and then the local residents felt that "restless evil again cleared the Ukrainian village".

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