`Silicone` Malinovskaya proves its genuineness

`Silicone` Malinovskaya proves its genuinenessWhether or not known to man to answer in the affirmative to the question, resorted to plastic surgery to become more beautiful? This theme, perhaps, can enter the top of the most discussed social occasions.And I sometimes think I would admit to a reporter that I have "artificial" nose, or tried to hide it?On the one hand - what's this? Who doesn't want to get better? In the end, even commendable, that man aspires to the ideal, even his own. On the other hand, if a person makes plastic, so he either makes fun of them because of their appearance, or trying to hide advancing age. The artist, whose name is inseparably connected with his face, it is serious to monitor their appearance, and to save face for him is often more important than the voice.Besides, if we once admit the journalist that did the operation, "wash" of this will never succeed, - there is an opinion among many young stars. So, how much force surgeons not spent on improving the appearance of the "star" of the patient, waiting until the post-operative swelling, the artist declares that he was born with such eyes, cheeks, nose and lips. And, honestly, can't help but smile when clearly "silicone" Masha Malinovskaya once again proves that she has "all natural".While some argue that plastic surgery they do only out of necessity. For example Orbakajte assures that the nose job she did because of illness. And Dima Bilan said that altered his nose because it was broken.However, there is a wise artist who promises to have plastic surgery. So, Nadezhda Babkina says that to hide the plastic will not become, as it finds no shame in this: "the Skin, unfortunately, has a tendency to stretch. And do not see anything wrong to ever pull it. I'm an artist - it is important for me to look good". Valeria is also no secret that it will "lift" the face, when you realize that the time has come.Do not hide their operations and Tatyana Dogileva, Elena, Irina Ponarovskaya. Dogileva even directly says that he decided to rejuvenate through surgeons, because it sat a long time without roles. And TV presenter Oksana Pushkin leads to struggle for improving the quality of the work of plastic surgeons due to the fact that two years ago the skin on her face was ruined after the intervention of doctors.Composer Viktor Chaika lay on the surgical table in order to implant him in the face with Golden threads, under which rejuvenates the skin on the cheeks and forehead. And he did it with Victor for filming one of the shows. Thus Chaika publicly wanted to say that in medicine taboo subjects shouldn't be.Avraam Russo did a nose job, Angelica Varum increased breast Anfisa Chekhov changed the shape of the eye... a change in the appearance becomes the new social norm. From the billboards and the covers of glossy looking "cut" person. Source: "Silicone" Malinovskaya proves its genuineness.

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