Love affair Yagudin and Daineko woven out of hints

Love affair Yagudin and Daineko woven out of hintsFigure skater Alexei Yagudin and a graduate of "factory of stars" Victoria Daineko, which introduced the project "Ice age", the recent do is answer questions about their relationship.The rumors about the tempestuous romance couple is denying it, but speculation on this topic Alex and Victoria decided to use in the new video "fabricante".The video for the song "Needle" was shot in the garage of a residential complex in the South-West of Moscow. Of course, not without dancing on ice and without explicit scenes involving the characters, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".On the idea of the Director's love affair woven their tones and hints. Dressed in a silk robe and seductive stockings Vika quickly got in the way of the passionate diva, and Yagudin was transformed into a passionate macho. By the way, Alexei Yagudin in this video even started singing.As it turned out, for a long time to rehearse before filming was not necessary, because this song Daineko and Yagudin were preparing for "Blue fire" and performed at the concert in Luzhniki.However, to become a singer Alex is not going to. "No, it's just an interesting experience, especially music education I don't have," he says.But what skater said of his partner: "she is very beautiful, but still I like her human qualities. This bright man energizes me. What's between us is still a secret". Source: Love affair Yagudin and Daineko woven out of hints.

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