Opened new circumstances of the death of Princess Diana

Opened new circumstances of the death of Princess DianaWitnesses told that they saw two cars driving in the tunnel under the Pont de l'alma. One of them was a black Mercedes with Diana, and with her went the other big dark car.Yesterday new details have become known in the case of the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. During the outbreak last week in London of the proceedings, the husband and wife Jean-Claude and Annick Catelin in a statement via video link from Paris said that on the night of 31 August 1997 saw two cars driving in the tunnel under the Pont de l'alma. One of them was a black Mercedes with Diana, and next to it supposedly was another big dark car, "Novye Izvestia". Thus, the circumstances of the death of the former representative of the Royal family over time acquire all new riddles.If you believe spouses Catelin, the site of the tragic death of Princess Diana were two clearly audible like the explosion sound: "as soon As they disappeared from sight, we heard a sound like a clash of two car bodies, and it seems that this sound was heard, before the car drove into the tunnel. After that, we heard another loud sound similar, already in the tunnel".Another witness, a certain françois Levitr, and it was in his car just before the car of the Princess of Wales. According to his version, the Mercedes Diana was overtaken by a motorcycle with two riders. These people supposedly were dressed in black cloaks and on their heads were closed helmets. Ahead of the car of the Princess, the bike has blinded the driver of Diana flash of white light.After that the Mercedes started to wind in the tunnel from side to side. "In the car was not light, it's all out" - it was so Francois Levitr described a picture he had seen in the rearview mirror. After a few moments and there was a fatal accident. However, apparently, in this Saga with the bike is not over. "After the car, which drove Diana, collided with a pillar, one of the riders got off the stopped motorcycle, approached the car, looked into it, gave a sign to his partner and they both disappeared from the scene," said the witness. However, one should not forget that this Levitr already investigating the case told French investigators. Soon, however, British, French and even some independent experts revealed a number of significant "inconsistencies" in the testimony of the witness. It is not surprising that expressed serious doubts about the veracity of the whole story.Specifically, with regard to the procedure itself, which is now held in the British capital, and there are many interesting details. According to English law, the judicial inquiry is needed into the deaths of British citizens abroad if there is suspicion that it was caused by unnatural causes.The main purpose of this event is to establish not guilty, and the cause and circumstances of death. Probably that is why the French witnesses were not afraid to speak by teleconference. The jury, despite the publicity of the case, involved only in exceptional cases. Moreover, in the preliminary stages of an inquiry into the death of Princess Diana and al-Fayed the coroner Baroness Butler-Sloss is generally agreed that the jury in this trial will not. Recall that on a number of surveys, many compatriots lady Di believe that her death was faked by British intelligence agents because of her affair with a Muslim. Which explains a special delicacy of the judicial authorities in the preparation process.However, the deceased father Mohammed al-Fayed challenged this decision in court and insisted on the election of the jury. An inquest has been postponed several times due to the fact that were not completed investigation of the police, first French, then British. During this time, Ms. Butler-Sloss had time to resign. Currently holds the chairmanship of judge Scott Baker. He announced the list consisting of a total of 20 questions that will have to answer the inquiry. And on this he has almost as much as six months. Source: Opened new circumstances of the death of Princess Diana.

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