Mercantile Glyukoza out from the producers

Mercantile Glyukoza out from the producersWe have already talked about the conflict between Natasha Ionova and producers from the company of the project "Glyukoza" "Monolith". Marrying the top Manager of RAO "UES of Alexander Chistyakov and become pregnant by him, the singer began to impose "the Monolith" their conditions.It came to the point that she started to look for a replacement. However, then to change Natasha on a new soloist, the producers decided not to and limited by the fact that suspended the activities of the project at the time of her pregnancy. However, their hopes that after the baby is born Ionova will calm down and will continue to work in the project did not materialize. Coming out of maternity leave, the singer has announced that he is leaving them and will be performing solo under the pseudonym Glu.Natasha rose from an image Glitch-'ozy-cartoons, married, gave birth to a daughter Lida and feels the strength to do things for myself, " explained the Manager Ionova Larissa civileva. - With the company "Monolith" in which she worked for five years, broke up peacefully.No war between them no and not planned. Natasha left a sense of gratitude to all former team. But now they are moving on parallel tracks. Natasha is preparing new songs, which she, as before, writes Maxim Fadeev. Old songs she too will be missed, but, as all the soundtracks belong to "the Monolith" and the rights to use them Natasha no, she will record these songs again in other arrangements, different-sounding than the previous.What voice will sing Natasha, is still unknown. A new sound and a new cartoon-like appearance, are kept secret. Yes, you can do all this in the framework of the project "Glitch-'oza". But as they say, free - will. Due to the marriage of Natasha has gained financial independence. And who doesn't want to live in freedom and other fees?!Why is it now some kind of production company? What is the point to sit in a cell and to fulfill someone's conditions, when all the steer? As for the "Monolith", they plan to continue the project "Glitch-'oza" with another character. They found the girl, much younger than Natasha, who still fits into a cartoon image. Natasha said that she would love to someday sing a duet with a new little Glitch-РћzРѕР№.Nobody didn't beat with a stickAs they say in show coterie, "Monolith" has taken place Natasha Ionova girl with a solid budget. In particular, assume that this girl could be known for the TV series "the Club" and show "STS lights superstar" singer sue that "monolith" in recent years, strongly "Spud".That "Glitch-РћzРѕР№" can be a sue - this is for me new information, - said PR-Manager of "Monolith" Alexey Karavaev. "What? Cool option! What is the new soloist of rich dad, from whom I have heard. But reliable information on this account I have. All encloses Maxim Fadeev. I think after November 15, we will know. As for the reasons for leaving Natasha Ionova, then I have nothing to add to the comment Larissa Civiliai. By the mouth of his Manager Natasha finally said the truth. It's not the desire to change the image and reach a new creative level.She just wants to take all the money and no one to share. That is the true motivation for her departure from "the Monolith"! When the company invested in its promotion money, it was required. Why is the company now that the project is already unwound and brings a good income? Fig! For girls, just finished school, and so she was paying very much. And conditions of the contract were very liberal. No it stick didn't hit and didn't get raped. By the way, at the point of care Natasha contract continued to operate. But we do not have to fit her with no penalties. Just closed the contract and sent it to float freely. The only thing we object to it in any form used the name, symbols and repertoire project "Glitch-'oza".Expert opinion- I think that care Natasha Ionova will not affect the project "Glitch-'oza", - shared his opinion known publicist Alexander Kushnir. - For that matter, when I started to promote this name, no soloist did not exist. There were only songs written by the wife of max Fadeev. Natasha Ionova found only in a year. Invented from thin air legend about a girl from the people that put their songs online. And all this legend is to be believed.Similarly, you can enter in the project and a new soloist. You only need to make a smooth transition. Either you first run the toon - a cross between Natasha Ionova and the new girl. Or this new girl to approximate outwardly to Natasha Ionova. And then slowly move away from the previous way. And after about a year or so spectators safely used to the new soloist. Another thing is that time for turns is almost gone.As already announced, the "Bug-'oza" with the new soloist will be presented to the public on November 15. I understand from where such date. Ahead of new year's eve concerts. The producers do not want to miss. Unfortunately, the "Bug-'oza" turns into a purely commercial enterprise, aimed not at work, and on making stupid "soothsayers". Source: Mercantile Glyukoza out from the producers.

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