Black magician predicted suicide Britney Spears

Black magician predicted suicide Britney SpearsThe most famous black mage Mexico Antonio Vazquez Alba, fortune-teller, Tarot card readers and is known for the accuracy of their predictions, stated that in 2008 American singer Britney Spears will commit suicide.About this Professor Alba, foretelling events since 1980, said during the release of his traditional Outlook on the new year in Mexico city, reports AP.He also claims that the presidential elections in the USA, which will be held in November this year, will win the former U.S. first lady Hillary Clinton.Over the past 20 years Vazquez Alba, which is the title of the Great magician of Mexico, was rarely wrong in their predictions of human destinies, political and economic trends.Meanwhile, during last year's forecast the Great Magician claimed that Fidel Castro will leave our world until the end of may". However, the Cuban leader is still alive and was even nominated as a candidate for Deputy of the Cuban Parliament, elections to which will be held on 20 January 2008.But in January 2006 the Great sage predicted election victory in Mexico's current President Felipe calderГіn, the ratings of which at that time did not exceed 10% and the performance of its main rival, opposition leader Andres-Manuel Lopez Obrador has reached 57%.Recall that an American expert on addictions Marty Brenner, who for 20 years working with alcoholics and drug addicts in Beverly hills, also believes that Britney Spears may not live till next Christmas, committed suicide. Brenner believes that the pop singer is in the illusory world that has nothing in common with reality.January 3, a new scandal erupted with Britney Spears. The singer was taken to hospital after her ex-husband Kevin Motherhood called the police, to the guards helped him to pick up the kids from ex-wife's house, where they were transported for a date allowed by the court. Previously, the court denied Britney parental rights.Within hours the police could not enter into the mansion of the singer. When they went inside, Britney provoked a scandal, after which she became ill. In the clinic, the singer was diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis".On Saturday, January 5, Spears voluntarily left the hospital. Doctors first tried to prevent the patient to do this, but after tantrums Spears has allowed the singer to leave. Famous psychologist Phil McGraw stated that the release of Britney from the hospital was the worst decision of physicians. Source: the Black magician predicted suicide Britney Spears.

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