Solzhenitsyn: Russia is far from a moral ideal

Solzhenitsyn: Russia is far from a moral idealRussian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn believes that Russia has largely restored its influence in the international arena, but its internal spiritual and moral atmosphere is far from ideal."In international relations returned by the influence of Russia, Russia's place on earth returned. But internally we have a moral as far from as I would like, organically as we need," Solzhenitsyn said in an interview to the program "Vesti Nedeli" TV channel "Russia".He stressed that "still need a big, hard spiritual development, among which governmental techniques, some standard methods of parliamentarism does not fulfill". "This is a very complex spiritual process," said the writer.Speaking of that, will be whether this process successfully, Solzhenitsyn said: "How to succeed". Answering the question remained whether he believes "saving people" the only acceptable national idea, the writer noted that it was "not that only, but available" idea.In his opinion, to long-term national idea society has not yet come. "When they began to be worn with the national idea became sick. Well where do you climb, you climb. You to her has not grown," said Solzhenitsyn.He noted that the national idea cannot be reduced only to the "saving people.""" "In addition to saving a lot of need: mental development But savings - as a first step", said Solzhenitsyn.Commenting on the new reissue of his work, "the GULAG Archipelago", he noted that it contains a new documentary about the fate of the characters of the book.According to Solzhenitsyn in the Soviet years when working on a book he could use only the official Soviet publications about camps". "They all lie imbued, distortions, and I'm in the "Archipelago" is used only as a material for ridiculing their rebuttal. Well, now that it's not confused, accurate scientific information about each," said the writer.The question of why "the GULAG Archipelago" was reprinted for the last 16 years, he replied: "Just in the circumstances. It's true, the circumstances were. But it so happened". Source: Solzhenitsyn: Russia is far from a moral ideal.

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