Rastorguev has got the `Hollywood smile`

Rastorguev has got the `Hollywood smile`The soloist of group "lube" Nikolay Rastorguev has set his teeth, as Alla Pugacheva.The singer, who suffers from an incurable disease, decided to take more responsibility for their own health.As found "Your DAY", the soloist of group "lube" has completely replaced his teeth in one of the elite clinics in Moscow. It is here that "Hollywood smile" has got many representatives of domestic show business.According to the staff of the medical center, the popular singer initially appealed to the dentist, complaining of pain in his teeth. After inspection by a specialist Rastorguev did x-rays of the mouth. During the diagnostics the artist found several teeth that required treatment. After consulting with doctors, Nicholas decided to replace their badly ground off the teeth on the newer implants are made using the latest technology "Vinyl Charisma", or, as it is called, "Stardust".- Rastorguev was really in our clinic - said "TD" in the dental center. - He put a couple of new light seals and installed a few new teeth, which, according to him, he is very happy.PugachevAs found "TD", a unique method by which the soloist of group "lube" set new teeth, at one time used for his famous smiles and Alla Pugacheva.Only one match was decided not to fly for replacement teeth abroad, as did the prima Donna and trusted domestic dentists. Nicholas, as well as Alla Borisovna, dental technician first made a mold of the jaw, after which she produced a framework for future implants on computer drawings. Then, the resulting frames imposed ceramic mass. Now, according to center staff, Nikolai in the next five years is unlikely to have to change her radiant smile. Source: Rastorguev got a "Hollywood smile"".

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