Britain shocked by the costumes Spice Girls

Britain shocked by the costumes Spice Girls Since last appearance nine years ago, the members of the musical group Spice Girls has risen. Some grew their fans, allowing them to survive and to correctly perceive quite Frank show, which marked the reunion of the band.Members of the group sang, danced and revolved than led into the wildest excitement of 20,000 fans gathered at Q2 arena in London. This was facilitated by the costumes designed by Roberto Cavalli, demonstrated varying amounts of flesh singers, depending on the received POS. The costumes were changed 8 times during a two-hour presentation.Especially notable 33-year-old Victoria Beckham, suffered "a wardrobe malfunction". According to rumors, before the show she was forced to remove the implantation of your bust, fearing that he will be constrained by the gold Cavalli corset during vigorous movements on stage. Unpleasant curiosity still not managed to avoid photographers caught the moment very unappetizing lump of flesh fell out from under the right armpit stars.The crazy success of performance feat Spice Girls thinking about releasing a new album, which is undoubtedly destined to be a hit. Source: Britain shocked by the costumes Spice Girls (photo).

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