Former Indonesian President is dying

Former Indonesian President is dyingDeteriorated state of health of the former President of Indonesia Suharto. This was reported by representatives of the Jakarta city hospital "Pertamina". According to the doctors, hope for recovery of the patient is almost gone, reports "Interfax".The health of 86-year-old Suharto highly unstable and requires constant monitoring, said the head of the presidential medical team, Marco Soebandono.The former President was hospitalized last Friday with symptoms of dropsy (accumulation of fluid components of blood and lymph in the body cavities), which resulted in problems with the heart, lungs and kidneys. Doctors opacode that death may occur from failure of internal organs.On Sunday, the state of the ex-dictator has stabilized after he had undergone kidney dialysis. But today in his lungs, there was a large amount of fluid and was due to the decreased level of hemoglobin in the blood, said Soebandono.Since 1998, when General Suharto was forced to resign under pressure from powerful anti-government movements and the economic crisis, he has several times been in the hospital with various serious diseases. In may 2006 he was in the same Metropolitan hospital was treated for internal bleeding. Source: Former Indonesian President is dying.

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