Alexander Malinin first became a grandfather

Alexander Malinin first became a grandfather49-year-old Alexander Malinin became a grandfather in one of the capital's maternity appeared first grandson Alexander Malinin. Really happy Malinin, native son Nikita - grandchild gave him a stepson Anton, the son of the wife of Alexander, Emma, from a previous marriage.The weight of a newborn baby boy was 3 kg 800 grams, height 53 cm. For Malinine in the hospital allocated a comfortable room where all the family every day coddling the heir, according to MK.In the family Malinina four children. The eldest son from his second marriage Nikita Malinin, the winner of the project "Factory of stars", has long lived alone. Anton long time studying in England. The youngest, joint children of Alexander and Emma - twins Frol and Ustinya this year went to the first class.My wife Malinin Emma your business: gynaecological clinic and pharmacy, she also engaged in the production of balana - invented it soap for intimate hygiene. Source: Alexander Malinin first became a grandfather.

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