Friske beat the poor penguin

Friske beat the poor penguinOn the set of one of our new year's Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Nagiyev beat the poor penguin in the eyes of the amazed public.Jeanne and Dmitry play special agents that destroy everything that comes in their path. This time it took an innocent animal.Shooting began early in the morning. Extras, dressed in a suit Deluxe plush penguin, did not suspect that he will have to move. But its share has fallen a lot - to get a hefty kicks from Jeanne and Dima. It is noteworthy that this scene was filmed in multiple takes - the Director was trying to get a better shot. Sweet couple, Friske and Naghiyev, repeatedly kicked the unfortunate bird and after each shot image pretty smile. But a statistician in the penguin suit was not to fun. Thick foam did not protect his ass from a heavy boot Nagiyev, the newspaper "Your day".- The main thing that this scene did not see the representatives of Greenpeace, who was always joking on the set. Source: Friske beat the poor penguin.

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