Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedom

Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedomFans Comedy Club sounding the alarm. Another resident decided to end his bachelor life. Most recently, his decision to settle down and start a family announced Timur Rodrigez.It was a surprise even to his friends. For the first time he admitted that he had taken such a serious step as wedding, birthday party of his friend Vladimir Tishko. Thoughts about marrying his beloved so excited young man that he could not resist and revealed his secret:- Soon I will make anot offer.The brunette Anya capital playboy met in a nightclub. Before this meeting, Timur was sure that this Dating may not lead to a serious relationship. But when he met Anya, I realized that it is his long-awaited love. Once Anya has appeared in the famous Lovelace, his life changed dramatically. Short novels and the affair left behind.Yes, I was a nice free way of life, I am a single girl never promised a serious relationship, " admits Rodriguez. - My thoughts and some did not. I was all arranged, but now everything is different. I want to go home to a particular girl and know, for whom I live!The date of the wedding, the young people still undecided, but I assure you that a long time for this momentous event will not have to wait. Source: Timur Rodrigez says goodbye to his bachelor freedom.

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