Automotive passions Britney Spears

Automotive passions Britney SpearsThe leg of a policeman was injured in November, when Spears was leaving the court after a hearing on the custody of her two children."There is no evidence that there was malice," - said the representative of the Los Angeles police Roger Mohr. "Maybe she knows, but she can still press charges because she left the scene", he added.The most recent incident with otjavlennymi Spears feet happened the day before, when she had left the hotel Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly hills and drove over the leg of one of the photographers who followed her.And the third case occurred in October, also in Beverly hills. Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photographer, when her Mercedes was pulling out of the Parking lot.The police Beverly hills said that Spears may not be to blame in yesterday's accident. "There are independent witnesses who say that the photographer did not leave the road. She was driving very slowly," said Lieutenant Tony Lee.Automobile incidents are literally chasing Britney. Last year she was photographed driving in the car with the baby on your lap and not in a child seat, as it should be. In August, Spears fled the scene, hitting someone else's car in the Parking lot. Now this case has already been settled. Last week took a picture of her riding on a red light at the intersection. And this week the paparazzi are chasing Spears on the car, inadvertently knocked his colleague . Source: Automotive passion Britney Spears.

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