Konstantin Kryukov led his wife out

Konstantin Kryukov led his wife outAs soon as the little daughter of Constantine and Eugene turned a little over a month, actor persuaded his wife to go to a restaurant Bellezza, where he was to appear Beyonce after the concert in "Olympic".Eugene had a great desire to see the fashionable singer. A couple even have my sister Jenny and her friend.Ordered a separate table. Kostya brought the wife to the dance floor and was surrounded with attention. It was evident that young dad happy.At the party shone deep cleavage TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov. Sati Casanova spent the whole evening on the couch, huddled close to her boyfriend Eugene, part-time and stylist. The guests were so numerous that the restaurant is not overcrowded. The crowd did not disperse until four in the morning, but American pop star Beyonce at a party and has not appeared. As it turned out, the fault of careless promoters. The restaurant now paid the penalty. Source: Konstantin Kryukov led his wife out.

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