Robbie Williams loves animal sex

Robbie Williams loves animal sexThe mysterious girl singer Robbie Williams was recently spotted in Los Angeles, talked about their relationship with him.31-year-old Suzanne Koppen in an interview with British newspaper the News of the World said that in August she had a short affair with the former Take That star, whom she met in a posh hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles."Externally, Robbie sexy, charismatic, funny and it was so good," she says."But inside he has a lot of problems and is yet a very long way before he can get rid of their vices," adds the girl.Suzanne also told the intimate details of their fleeting relationship. So, according to her, when they ended up under the luxurious silk sheets in bed with Robbie, she asked him to put on a condom."But he said to me, "don't worry, I'm not contagious. Want to see a doctor?" - said the girl, adding: "He also told me he is not gay, although everybody thinks so".Suzanne reported that they had sex in 10 different poses under a strange accompaniment in the form of a documentary about sharks, which was at that moment on TV. However, she claims that it was the best sex in her life. Source: Robbie Williams loves animal sex.

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