Kirkorov never go to Novosibirsk

Kirkorov never go to NovosibirskPhilip cannot forgive the Novosibirsk that robbed him there. Recall that in December last year was sentenced a woman accused of stealing personal belongings of the singer during the concert.Among other things were stolen and expensive Breguet watches. The court sentenced the Lily Muhomadeevu to three years of imprisonment.Gold Breguet watches stolen from Philip Kirkorov during his tour in 2006 in Novosibirsk, police found thanks to an anonymous phone call three weeks after the theft. Unknown said that the watch Kirkorov hidden near a railway station of Novosibirsk under the transformer box. The place was sent operative group, which has seized a valuable find in the presence of witnesses.We will remind that as a result of theft committed in the dressing room of the singer during his performance at the arena Novosibirsk circus, Kirkorov also missing cell phone, mp3 player and about 2 thousand dollars.On suspicion of theft law enforcement the next day was detained by one of the spectators - a 33-year-old Gypsy Lily Muhomadeevu. According to her, during the concert she was looking for the bathroom and accidentally wandered into the dressing room of the actor, where he encountered the father of the victim. Later, the man was able to describe signs of the suspect.As IA Regnum reports with reference to the newspaper "Metro", "king of remakes" was invited to a private new year's eve party. For a forty minute speech Kirkorov has promised to pay 100 thousand dollars.But it turned out that Wraith singer never forgave the city theft that took place there. Despite the fact that the usual fee Kirkorov is about 50 thousand dollars, he did not want to go to Novosibirsk.The organizers tried to persuade the artist, having promised him to arrange a Charter flight from Moscow and to provide a few personal guards. Kirkorov again refused. "You know, I your city has remained with me all my life," he explained. - I still got your expensive MP3 player. It was my most favorite songs that I collected around the world." Source: Kirkorov never go to Novosibirsk.

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