Malakhov disgraced Rasputin, showing biceps

Malakhov disgraced Rasputin, showing bicepsMasha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov in the show "Two stars" looked interesting: she of the infamous singer, he is a popular presenter, not able to sing. Personal relations among the participants of the duet was good, while Malakhov not disgraced Masha in public.Itself Rasputin confirms rumors that she and Andrew even had an argument. It happened due to the fact that showman too often rears its partner on his hands, writes the newspaper "Antenna"."Yeah, got it from me for this," says the singer. Constantly lifts me to showcase your biceps! And I always butt in the screen show. And, of course, the media immediately went up the hype on "what kind of underwear at the Rasputina". Here Malakhov and I explain that not all the time one place to the viewer to display.".

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