Oksana Robski: In marriage you need time to divorce

Oksana Robski: In marriage you need time to divorceWriter Oksana Robski soon going to become the lawful wife of Igor Shalimov, the former footballer of the Moscow "Spartak" and Milan "inter". On the eve of the wedding Oksana has told about the reasons of divorce from previous husband.The writer was married three times. Her first marriage she calls a mistake, her second husband was killed, and with her third husband Michael Robski, Oksana divorced after years of marriage."We Misha a very good relationship... In my opinion, if you want to stay with her ex-husband friends, you just need... time to get a divorce. Exactly on time, when you still have respect for each other," says Oksana in an interview with "MK-atmosphere.Why I divorced with Misha? Yes it's very simple, " explained Robski. - First we got along fine, and then ceased to be fine. I do believe that any love eventually goes away, and the people who live together for more than five years, just agree on a compromise. I in this life are not willing to any compromises. Including in love. Why "live" attitude, when you can just get a divorce? And then to meet Shalimov. And again, love, and happiness again. Because simply being together may take such ugly forms that a woman will begin to hate her husband. What is all this? Want to be friends? Time divorce".And still, according to Robski, ex-husband a little jealous of the future husband. "I think so. A bit of jealousy he has, " said Oksana. "Misha even once told me: "I'm not getting married till you are married". So to some extent I am responsible for his personal life." Source: Oksana Robski: In marriage you need time to divorce.

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