The cutest little babies, Hollywood stars

The cutest little babies, Hollywood stars After recently two Hollywood celebrities - Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie - became mothers for the first time, the abcnews website will be one of the stars already have children, and who is the most beautiful.They say, People magazine spent several million dollars on the purchase of the first photos of newborn daughter Angelina Jolie - Shiloh Nouvelle. Pouty, like a mother, and blond hair, like her father, brad pitt, she's just adorable.Tom cruise and his wife Katie Holmes took several months before they posted a photo of his daughter Suri. The audience finally saw her in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine. After the debut of the paparazzi never give the girl a rest, and she already became a star as her parents.During one of his recent concerts contestants reunited group the Spice Girls brought to the stage their children. In the spotlight was a small Bluebell, the daughter of the famous "peppercorn" Jerry Halliwell.Baron trump will one day inherit billions of his father, construction magnate Donald trump, and while cute baby continues carefree childhood. At the pictures with my dad watching the final of the tournament in men's tennis US Open stadium in new York.It seems that little Joan already knows how to behave in front of the camera. Little girl carries her mom, supermodel Heidi Klum, and older brother Henry is holding his father is dark-skinned singer seal.Violet - detya love actor Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer garner. It is absolutely impossible to resist her rosy cheeks. For photos of violet walking around new York together in my mother in the summer of 2007.Presenter Elizabeth Hasselbeck was looking forward to returning to the program The View. Still, January 7, she's in the air introduced the world to her newborn son, Taylor. All presenters and the audience were delighted with the baby.Little Kingston, or simply king, is the son of singer Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavina Rossdale. He almost everywhere accompanied by his famous mother, who carefully ensures that baby is always looking its best.The son of Gwyneth Paltrow Moses, when grown up, maybe we will become as famous as his mother, but while Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin are doing everything to their son not photographed in public.In this photo Britney Spears is pictured with her one-year-old son Jayden James. Although yesterday the court once again banned Britney to visit their children, the singer keeps repeating that he loves his sons more than anything.Sam Alexis, the daughter of golfer tiger woods and his wife Ellen a structure, recently appeared at the tournament, the Target World Challenge, to support his dad. Probably so she admired that no one paid any attention to the tournament itself. Although she has grown up, little she was no less charming. On the photo the girl for about a month.When last year Madonna adopted in Malawi, little David Banda, the news went through all media. And this summer, the star has been given the green light to the adoption of another orphan from that state 13-month-old girl mercy. The singer said he wanted to adopt a sister for David to "strike a balance". Source: the cutest little babies, Hollywood stars (photos).

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