Timati trashed a room at a Swingers hotel in Jamaica (photos, video)

Timati trashed a room at a Swingers hotel in Jamaica (photos, video)Not having time to enjoy all the pleasures of unconventional holiday in a Swingers hotel, Timothy landed in the police force of the island of Jamaica.The reason was noisy disassembly rapper with his new girlfriend in the Swingers Hedonism.The hotel is virtually no restrictions. Enjoy the freedom and do anything, anywhere and with anyone! About the slogan was met with a celebrity guest, the Manager, standing at the entrance to... some sexy thongs and with a bouquet of flowers!The hotelTimothy came to Jamaica without his girlfriend Valentina, a famous model.The rapper was placed in an apartment with a huge Jacuzzi and a huge stock of expensive champagne Crystal.The first night stay, dinner with friends at the hotel's restaurant, Timothy met a girl. A beautiful young lady came from Peter and it stayed in the same hotel complex. Tireless macho could not help but notice the blonde with appetizing forms. In the evening of the same day she moved out of their standard rooms in a luxury Suite Timati.ScandalAfter two days of cohabitation between Timothy and his new friend began to scandal.Sunbathing on a nudist beach, the rapper began to openly flirt with two centerfold from Brazil. Timati with undisguised pleasure rubbed their bodies with suntan oil and treated exotic cocktails. Seeing what is happening, Petersburg diva threw a big scandal in the apartment celebrity.Do you flirt with these whores right before my eyes! - hysterical voice screamed the girl.- Pull yourself together, baby! Yeah who the fuck are you to get me something to blame? - was indignant in response Timati.Mutual insults and foul language flowed freely.Finally angered by obsessive jealousy of his newfound partner, Tim suddenly began to crush in his room all that came under his hand, " furniture, chandelier, mirrors, dishes.DetentionIn the morning the hotel has already received complaints about noisy Russian guests, was forced to call the police.Police arrived immediately and, not finding out, and put on Tim handcuffed and taken away to the police station.After an investigation by the police, the rapper agreed to cover the damage substituted to hotel. The hotel Hedonism demanded with singer 4,000 euros in compensation. Moreover, Timothy was also blacklisted, in which he joined the ranks of the unwanted guests to stay in this hotel.Source: Timati trashed a room at a Swingers hotel in Jamaica (photos, video).

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