A list of the most overpay actors in Hollywood

A list of the most overpay actors in HollywoodForbes magazine conducted another study, whose goal was to identify: who of Hollywood celebrities gets their huge fees, while not affecting the box office receipts.According to Forbes, the top three such stars were Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Jim Carrey.Top10 "Most "overpay" looks impressive. In the top ten most recognizable faces in the American film industry.Leads the "top ten" Russell Crowe. When he played in Gladiator, with a budget of 100 million dollars were collected 460 million. But the last few paintings have not been successful. In General, for every dollar paid to Crowe in royalties account for 5 dollars total revenue picture.Nicole Kidman, despite the glory of a world star and the Oscar for best actress, also can not boast of kassavetia of his films. The film "Bewitched" with a budget of us $ 84 million (including 12 million fee the Kidman) earned only 132 million, writes Forbes."The Golden compass" also fails to show significant results. It is unlikely that in the future the situation with fees in this picture is greatly improved. The film's budget is around 200 million.So, for every paid Kidman dollar accounts for about 8 dollars total revenue. For comparison: Angelina Jolie, which requires no more than 10 million for the role, this figure is almost two times more - 15.The third place in the ranking of the most overpay actors - Jim Carrey. The ratio of fees paid to him movies and earn money, like Nicole Kidman, ravlyaetsya 8. Say, for her next film Yes Man Kerry does not even ask for money in advance. The fee he will receive then, if the painting will be able to earn.In the fifth place of the list is Jennifer Lopez. Thus, the film with her participation Gigli became so disastrous that even did not return the invested funds. For every paid Lopez for his roles in various films, the dollar accounted for an average of $ 9 income.Sixth place - Adam Sandler. Once fees for films involving this mostly comic actor were very good. Now the situation has changed. Sandler is trying to grow in the creative plan, and it's not like many of his fans. For each paid him a dollar piece receives on average 9.Cameron Diaz was in seventh place. The actress in the trilogy "Shrek" (she voiced Princess Fiona) looks impressive. But as for "real" movies with the actress, then things go wrong. The last picture with her participation is not very successful, although Diaz regularly received big fees for their role. Her index preplacement" is also equal to 9.Double Oscar-winner Denzel Washington made the list of "overpay" definite get while. Films with his participation has received approximately $ 10 for each paid him a dollar.Actor will Smith bad "sold" in the blockbuster films about saving the world type of "Men in black". But in a more peaceful and "small" pictures will Smith is not so successful. Getting a check for 20 million dollars, a big income such films actor brings. His "index of preplacement" - 10. Source: a list of the most overpay actors in Hollywood.

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