Rasputin beat Malakhov in the presence of the film crew

Rasputin beat Malakhov in the presence of the film crewMasha Rasputina beat TV presenter in front of their bodyguards. The furious singer assaulted a TV presenter in the hallway Ostankino and beat him in front of astonished bodyguards.Alas, sadly ended the gentle friendship of Masha Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov in the framework of the project "Two stars".When the question arose about who from singing to put in a couple to Andrew, broadcaster immediately thought about Masha. To sing with her Malakhov was very important, because a few years ago the stars strongly quarreled. Malakhov had the temerity to invite the singer to his talk show and warned that the hall is her ex-husband Vladimir Ermakov.Angry such a trap, Rasputin gave Malakhov terrible scandal. After this incident the stars for some time did not communicate and was not even greeted each other at parties. But Andrei and Masha are back together again. And to secure the friendship, Malakhov decided to sing with the Rasputina song.The nightmare began with the first days. Mary, known for his inappropriate behavior, not shy to beat Andrew in front of the entire crew. And the palm of the Siberian battle Baba is not easy... Not shy singer and in expressions. "Stupid," "ressave" is the most harmless epithets, they awarded his partner Maria, the newspaper "Life".The incident happened after the filming of "Two stars". To persuade Mary to come again in Ostankino to record with Andrew a few eyeliners that cost the creators of the program superhuman effort.However, in the telecentre Rasputin waited for two surprises. First - Malakhov was delayed, and the second one in the Studio was the audience (although Masha arrived on the conditions that the pavilion will be empty).The fact that Andrew made her wait for half an hour, had the effect of the atomic bomb: the screams were heard Rasputina in all corners of the floor. Leaping out, like a meteor from the dressing room, Masha shouted that "this lack of talent", "the fool", "the upstart," forcing her to waste your precious time. And there came out to meet her himself.Running up to Malakhov, Rasputin the move begin beating his fists on all parts of the body. To answer her TV presenter was not solved. Whether because Mary - Queen, or afraid around her bodyguards. Source: Rasputin beat Malakhov in the presence of the film crew.

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