Abdulov hides their treatment methods

Abdulov hides their treatment methodsAlexander Abdulov now struggling to cope with lung cancer, which a few weeks ago found Israeli doctors. However, the methods of treatment he keeps secret even from people close to him.So, even the ex-wife and colleague Abdulov Irina Alferova knows nothing about how it treated the actor. Adopted daughter of Alexander Gavrilovich Ksenia Alferova also not aware of what is happening, although it still remains in a very close relationship with his father."Sasha and I regularly call each other, - said Irina Alferova. - On the day he returned to Moscow and assured me that he was all right. And I, and she worried for him. But Sasha really so relieved that he intends to continue shooting her movie.In an Israeli hospital Abdulov has no plans to return, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."As far as I know, such plans have no - shared Alferov. And then their methods of treatment Sasha keeps us in secret. The main thing for us to get well".Alexander Abdulov, too, hoped for the best. Artistic Director of the Lenkom" mark Zaharov has told that it is possible already in February Gavrilovic will take the stage in the play "Marriage". Source: Abdulov hides their treatment methods.

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