`Beowulf` has become one of the leaders of the North American rental

`Beowulf` has become one of the leaders of the North American rentalThe film is Robert Zemeckis's "Beowulf" became the leader of the North American box-office results of the first weekend.The picture, taken in 3D animation, was released simultaneously in 742 regular and 3D theaters. The film earned over the three-day weekend with $ 28.1 million, according to Reuters. In the cinemas Imax tickets were sold for 3.6 million dollars.This success has surpassed all expectations: it was assumed that the picture starts with the result of $ 25 million.In the movie "Beowulf" tells the story of a hero who fights with demons and dragons around the VI century of our era. The picture was taken with the help of ultramodern technology of motion-capture. Real actors dressed in tight-fitting suits, equipped with motion sensors. Then the cameras catch the next episode and transmit information to the computer. After that, a special program transforms the movement of the actors in the motion of animated characters.The creators of "Beowulf" call your picture a hybrid of animation feature films. With the help of a computer program actor Crispin Glover turned into the monster Grendel, and ray Winston in Viking Beowulf. Angelina Jolie plays Grendel's mother is an insidious demon that seduces Beowulf and king Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins). In Russia "Beowulf" to be released in November 21.Cartoon "Bi Muvi: Honey plot", held last week in first place at the box office, moved to the second position. Over the past weekend he earned 14.3 million dollars, and the total fees for a three week rental was 93.8 million.Third on the weekend was the picture of "Gangster" Ridley Scott with Dantela Washington and Russell Crowe. Over the weekend, the movie earned 13.2 million dollars, just in the North American box office its fees totaled 100.9 million.Fourth place went to the Christmas Comedy "Fred Claus" with Vince Vaughn in the lead role. Picture of the "tent of miracles", released last week, has collected $ 10 million and ranked fifth. Source: "Beowulf" has become one of the leaders of the North American rental.

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