Carla Bruni appeared in front of the journalist `Topless`

Carla Bruni appeared in front of the journalist `Topless`Journalist Simon mills, who recently interviewed the girlfriend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, told about what happened during his meeting with Carla Bruni.He claims that when he came in her Paris apartment, the former model appeared in front of him half-naked greeting words: "Sorry that I'm Topless.Mills argues that as the beginning of the meeting, their entire conversation had excited him as viagra. He noted that the behavior of Bruni does not like cold stressed the appeal of Actresses, models and Telegu. And certainly not reminiscent of the behavior of the woman who may soon become the first lady of the Fifth Republic, writes The Daily Mail.According to the journalist, Carl did not bother that he found her half-naked. Mills noted that throughout the discussion was embarrassed by him. During the interview, Karl played guitar on two songs of the Rolling Stones, hinting at on his novel with its leader Mick Jagger.Bruni said: "I have always loved men. I am a simple man, girl with no problems. It seems to me that men like this". And indeed, until Sarkozy Carla connected love relationship with celebrities such as Donald trump, Eric Clapton, Kevin costner and Vincent Perez. In addition, the singer showed love to the authorities, starting meet with former Prime Minister of France Laurent Fabius.During the conversation, Carl organized a journalist on a tour of their apartment. Simon mills notes that he was surprised to see such a large number of attributes associated with the Rolling Stones: books, biography, classic albums of the band. It seems that the supermodel was their most devoted fan.The journalist also saw serious books about politics, volume Proust and Baudelaire, among which was lost intimate pictures of Carla and Mick on the beach. According to mills, Carl noticed that he was staring at the bookshelf, came to him and, making an innocent face, said, "Oh! What a stupid I am! This wasn't supposed to be here.".

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