Candid interviews drunk Lolita

Candid interviews drunk LolitaSinger and TV presenter Lolita, it turns out, does not hesitate to drink alcohol in the Studio, in between recording programs.Recently, the actress became a "victim" of Rolling Stone magazine, which occasionally solders stars and takes their candid interviews. After a certain amount of tequila consumed in the break between filming the talk show "Without complexes", Lolita told about the complexes and divorce with Alexander Tsekalo.As it turned out, the singer has always suffered from a complex unrealized actress. And only after the divorce with Tsekalo Lolita became an independent and I realized."I existed in a fairly rigid framework, of all afraid," said the artist. - From the Institute I went out with a complex besarnya, useless actress. I said, "Your job is directing""". And I wanted to be on stage. As an actress I was given in the load. Sing I do not know how. Someone said - "mewing kitten", someone-like you - thousands, where do you climb?" And the complex is only intensified".According to Lolita, guilt Tsekalo in this. "Sasha, I'm grateful for the emotional hunger that he gave me feel," says the singer. - My personal guilty women's underdevelopment. Take the divorce: I wanted to leave, but could not cross the barrier. I'm a child of the old school, I was taught that divorce is improper, "you are already second husband!" and the like. And at some point I completely stopped developing just sat quietly in the ass for money at the "Academy", but was unhappy with everyone. I wanted something more. And this, of course, there was aggression between me and Sasha began the rivalry, and there was a complete collapse. The work was not, I was useless, but still blamed it on everyone but themselves. Psychologists rehabilitated me six years, no less. Thank you, that next to me was a man who loved me madly. He practically force dragged me to a psychologist. It now became fashionable to go to counseling, and then it was considered something humiliating... But in the end two months I was in the hospital. And I'm happy that it happened".The doctors then gave the singer a diagnosis of "fatigue". "This anemia in the background of depression," explains the artist. - I every three hours lost consciousness. I was like a skeleton covered with skin. But when I got out of the hospital, I said to myself: "I will Have everything! I will be happy and realized!" At first I wanted to just work - no men were not needed. I had to prove to your ex-partner that I'm not shit. And I spent two years of my life on it. Now I am the happiest woman in the world - look happier! I have no superiors, in addition to the tax inspector. I'm on a free contract. And for me there is nothing more that freedom. I always say: "Guys, at least I know how to clean the toilets!" I don't focus on earnings. A wise aunt taught me: "Money is energy". Therefore, in my team, I give cars, sent people to relax and so on. And I feel cool". Source: Candid interviews drunk Lolita.

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