Fetishists stole Galustian red boxers

Fetishists stole Galustian red boxersThat only happened during the time until the show "Ice age" was aired the first button. Even managed to divorce the famous skaters Ilia Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva.Journalists isosceles saliva on the fact that the same Alexander Zhulin and Tatiana skill sets. However, this was only a rumor.- I was sent a love relationship with Marat Basharov, but this is nonsense, is outraged Navka. - We are friends, nothing more.- An affair my wife with Marat is PR us that it couldn't be better, " says Alexander Zhulin, who Navka allegedly cuckolded. Every time I read such publications, we are just having fun to the fullest.At the final stage have changed the rules of the show.- In the interests of the project decided not to expel any couple, said on the channel. - Were the strongest. To the gala concert will be tallied scores of the members of the jury and the votes of the audience and called the names of a couple, won a prize. Left quite a bit.The changes were made and nominations "on the fly". The exception to the rule made at the request of Alla Pugacheva, who once was invited to the jury.- Alla Borisovna asked that they let us show Mikhail Galustyan and his partner Masha Petrova - shared on the sidelines of the shooting area. "Misha so vividly portrayed Pugachev, the prototype of his image took pity on him and insisted that Galustian left in the show. How can I refuse - it was impossible to resist!- Armenian on ice is a feat admired by Galustian, in turn, Garik Martirosyan, also honoured to be on the bench ice show. How not to support a fellow countryman!However, if the nomination "on the fly" Galustyan lucky, the other day it was waited by an unpleasant surprise. From the dressing room of the star of the show "Our Russia" stole his personal belongings. "MN" asked for details of the incident to the robbery victim.- Yes, it is, " confirmed to the newspaper the victim. - Was kidnapped my backpack where he kept things of personal hygiene. The most valuable thing that stole fetishists, is the most famous red boxers from the program "Our Russia".Were abducted and the knee pads, which are kept losing Michael during the show. And if without the defensive ammunition Galustyan is not scared to go out on the ice, to the film "Our Russia" it is not solved. Cowards indeed were made especially at the request of the costumers are not happy.Looking forward to the end of the show the most long-suffering of his party - Ville Haapasalo. "MN" already wrote about the fact that Finnish actor serious knee problems. Daily from under the kneecap he pumped accumulated liquid. The doctors literally begging Villa, that he refused the loads on the leg or at least take care of the knee, but Haapasalo every time manages to hit a sore spot.- Wait till I finish and lie on the operating table, is shared with the publication of an actor. - What if something bad happened...Immediately after the show, some members of the "Ice age" will go to improve their health and waiting for someone semi-annual tour of Russia. Organisers of the show now promise to make the coming year the continuation of the ice project. According to Ilya Averbukh, as soon as the end of a tour, the producers of "Ice age" will begin to recruit a new team.World News (#51) Source: Fetishists stole Galustian red boxers.

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