The ranking of the most ugly celebrities from MAXIM

The ranking of the most ugly celebrities from MAXIM Not all Hollywood stars feel the need to wear a scary mask for Halloween. Some in and of themselves, look good the night of the awakening of the evil spirits and dark forces. Ugly stars and their faces tells Maxim magazine.Jocelyn Wildenstein was pretty rosy-cheeked Swiss girl until she married a billionaire who loved cats. Wanting to bring into the image of his wife more cat shit, husband disfigured Jocelyn series of plastic surgeries.The woman made several silicone injections in the lips, chin and cheeks, making her face partly and began to resemble a cat, but of gigantic size.Not finding in each other the ideal, the couple filed for divorce.It is difficult to find suitable adjectives to describe all the ugliness of the lips, Donatella Versace. We can only guess how much silicone they were drugged. Unnecessary expressive lips Versace are complemented with deep wrinkles, which runs from the nose to the corners of the mouth.It would be better musician ACE Frehley is not washed off your makeup from the face, and wear "war paint" constantly. The look on his face, dotted with cavities and wrinkles, comparable to a nightmare and hardly able to lift your mood on a secular party.Somewhat wrinkled and asymmetric face actor Gary busey got a souvenir after motorcycle crash. However, he gave it a special flavor after beauticians have worked on the smile busey. Now he has a charming grin from large and shining teeth, something resembling a set of dining plates. However, a special tenderness busey to children and animals will save the audience from wanting to take off when you first look at the actor.One glance at Diana Ross shows that she's watching him. While she tries not to burden themselves with diets and to maintain the attractiveness with the help of beauticians. Miss Ross can be congratulated: the pace she has all chances to compete with Nicole Richie in thirty years.You might think that some clown wore a mask of "Papa Vegas", but this is Wayne Newton himself. On his paralyzed face with a frozen smile reflected the years of tireless career of showman.It seems that demonic smile never leaves your face musician Smokey Robinson. It seems that cosmetic surgery forever has awarded a star wry grin.Michael Jackson so watching him, seems to have reached perfection: ideal proportions of the facial bones, white complexion, long well-groomed hair. But one day his children proud to think that not that they are like their father.Forget chic hair of actor Burt Reynolds, because she's gone. Just look at the current photo, to feel the passage of time.It is no wonder that with this face, Willem Dafoe, being in the life of a vegetarian in the movie was the villains and murderers.Perhaps only the rosy cheeks of actress Goldie hawn demonstrate something valiant. Her crooked grin shows that hawn is well aware of the limits of its charm. Source: the Ranking of the most ugly celebrities from MAXIM (photos).

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