In sickness Abdulov blame Chinese doctors

In sickness Abdulov blame Chinese doctorsThe famous actor Alexander Abdulov now struggling to overcome the disease. And in a press meanwhile appear reasoning about the possible causes of the disease. Because the problem is not only that Alexander Gavrilovich lung cancer.The problem is in the fact that the disease was discovered almost at the last stage.But when an actor began in unbearable pain, he turned to the doctors. On the advice of friends before starting work on the film "Hyperboloid of engineer Garin" Abdulov went to China.His bad health he cheated on fatigue and stress, and hoped that Chinese experts will help you to cope with this problem. In China Alexander Gavrilovich did now popular medical procedure is acupuncture. It turns out that this technique can worsen the health of cancer patients, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Alexander Gavrilovic told us that you went to China, where he helped," says an employee of the crew "the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin". Apparently, at some time the pain had subsided but then came back. We have seen how Alexander Gavrilovich, through the pain, every single day on time coming to the floor in a Balaclava and worked to the fullest the entire shift.He behaved just like a hero! Saw his agony, but he didn't whine, didn't complain, kept. Believed that he had pain in my spine somewhere at the level of the lumbar vertebrae. Said that, maybe it's the effects of trauma on the set (he did tricks always himself, without a stunt). Thought joints ached.He wouldn't stop because of his ailments shooting. Everything fell only when an Ambulance with unbearable pain took the actor to the hospital with a diagnosis of perforated ulcer. Only after this forced hospitalization was a question about binding a complete survey of star patient".And now it became clear terrible - acupuncture, which trusted Abdulov, contraindicated cancer patients people.This is the medical Director of Oncology research Institute named after Herzen Anatoly Andrievsky: "Sometimes, the pain, allegedly without reason, appears in person in a year or two before cancer emerges outside. Wrong, if the doctor is not diagnosing the patient is taken to reduce pain, to veil, to remove the symptom without identifying the disease. This is especially dangerous for cancer patients". Source: disease Abdulov blame Chinese doctors.

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