The most ridiculous star photo of the year

The most ridiculous star photo of the yearPeople magazine has published the top ten most funny pictures of celebrities for 2007. Funny things, awkward postures and unexpected perspectives opened for us, Brad pitt, Britney Spears and David Beckham with new side...First place went to a caring father Brad pitt with two foster children in her arms. Although sexual nipples are more like a nursing mother...In second place - Madonna, soldering Penelope Cruz. Apparently, the Spaniard was very upset, not receiving an Oscar, and Madonna decided to support actress giving a private cocktail party after the ceremony.Studs Jessica Simpson occupy the third place. For the sake of beauty, sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience. The result is a ridiculous pirouettes in the air and a sigh of relief at the realization that managed to stay on his feet.Also in the top ten of the funniest pictures were the language of David Beckham (football player that was happy about the first goal scored for Los Angeles-based team), cemented the hands of George Clooney (just a star on the walk of Fame is not given), the veil Paris Hilton and sombrero Britney Spears.Hopefully, next year, celebrities will continue to delight us with their cute antics, and the paparazzi will have time to capture it all. Source: the Most ridiculous star photo of the year.

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