Memories of friends about Katya Ogonek

Memories of friends about Katya OgonekSinger Katya Ogonek tried not to let his life to strangers. It was enough for her very small circle of close friends. But, of course, friends and acquaintances she had many.Now, when the artist died, they left a lot of memories.Irina Circle, the widow of singer Michael Krug, openly admits that her friends they c Katya Ogonek were not. "You know, we had only a job of some sort, we haven't had time to see and widow recalls the singer. - Mostly all some working moments. We traveled together".But Katia is predicted to Irina love with Michael Around. And this prophecy was fulfilled by defining the fate of all women."We met initially in Chelyabinsk, - continued the story Irina Krug. - Misha came to the concert, and then came Katya Ogonek. And me with our Director introduces her and her about me says: "the Circle wants to take her kind". And she is like: "Well, if Misha said, then he'll take him". And in General, says: "Circle of love". And actually she first said it, and somehow life happened that we both worked.".

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