Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming

Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warmingEx-wife of Paul McCartney Heather mills appeared in advertising British vegetarian organisation Viva!, reports The Sun.One of the posters Heather in a gold sparkling dress lying on the scorched earth, as planned by the organizers, pointing out how meat and dairy industry contribute to the greenhouse effect. On another poster, mills cautions that people who eat meat, contribute to global warming.As stated by the organization Viva! with reference to studies by the UN, livestock is the second leading cause the formation of greenhouse gases.In the near future for the whole of Britain will be installed approximately 100 large billboards for the advertising campaign."The startling truth is that animals that are bred for meat and milk, is now one of the biggest threats to the planet. They are behind most of the world's worst environmental disasters. Viva! repeats this for a long time and now the UN data to confirm this. But the authorities are silent and continue to pour subsidies in the dairy industry," says mills.In the moment between Paul McCartney and Heather mills goes loud divorce. Source: Heather mills blames meat eaters in global warming.

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