Pugacheva: To become me, it costs to have Kirkorov

Pugacheva: To become me, it costs to have KirkorovThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva denies that it has any relation to directing anniversary concert of Philip Kirkorov.Barely Philip began his 10-day anniversary marathon at the theater of Operetta, around talk that the Director of the show was that Alla Pugacheva. Spectators waited for its release at the end of the first performance, but Alla did not even think to go on stage..."I'm not directed. Why do I need it? "she said to the journalist of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Never mind what they say. I've already died several times, and with Putin allegedly at odds. But in life, everything is exactly the opposite. I was not at Kirkorov Director. His wife was. But the Director was not"."You program it carefully read it, it says "chief consultant and Muse", and not the Director. It is a different thing..." continued Joe. "You're so in naudojausi for 33 years, he knows that his 40 he seems to imagine himself a second Pugacheva - only in my pants," said the prima Donna, the reporter. To which she wittily retorted: "Why "in your pants"? He very recently, I remember, and wore robes. Well, let Christine bear, then maybe it will be an occasion for comparisons".On the question of whether she liked that Phillip is singing her song, Pugachev said: "He always wants to grasp the immensity. That's his nature. And as for my songs... They have already become classics, and classics are public domain. I can do something to prohibit". "And as you classic version of Philip?" - "In his interpretations too many exclamation marks. I don't know how." Source: Pugachev: To become me, it costs to have Kirkorov.

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