Nike Borzov shocked fans image

Nike Borzov shocked fans imageA new image of the flamboyant stars of Russian rock and punk wowed the fans. Nike appeared to the public with the slicked back hair, smeared with gel, with a heavy black moustache and sunglasses on half his face.- Here is my mustache mood, - said the musician a new image. Groupie at first scared, but then again I starting to like you.At the festival Nike Borzov presented a few songs from the new album, which is about to be released.Nike gladly accepted the invitation to speak at the festival. The musician has a "type label", as he calls it. There are recorded the team making profit, but fun music. Some send their demo tapes to Nike, other he finds on the Internet or at festivals. However, the artist is listening different music.- Lately, my playlist consists of academic, classical music, smiles Nike. - Piano, violin, Schnittke there, someone else. In General, amorphous music. On the other hand, often listening to something very hard. "Cult", for example. And recently was at the concert of "The Stooges". Very pleased with the guys, they are my childhood like. So it was a nostalgic trip. Just wanted to see this phenomenon, especially since it has several dozen reincarnations. Iggy Pop was, and remained, though, of course, already tired of the rock ' n ' roll life. On it it shows. At the same time, everything was very nice, the sound is disgusting, in short, a real punk, which is what it should be.Remember Nike and its first concert took place in early childhood in a pioneer camp, writes "KP-Ekaterinburg". Little Nike stood on a chair and sang "the people of the world, stand up for a minute!". After solos children and pionervozhatye long he was applauded, and the guy appeared a few fans. Thus was born a love of music and to the stage. Source: Nike Borzov shocked fans image.

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