The whole truth about the erotic scenes in the movie

The whole truth about the erotic scenes in the movie No matter how beautiful spiritual, Platonic impulses, without sex love still seems incomplete and not entirely valid. But the actors are filming a sex scene in different ways. Someone perceives them as part of the work, someone flatly refuses. Since filming the sex scenes?Say, what real passion looks ridiculous on screen and, to put it mildly, not very nice. Maybe that's why in the cinematic Arsenal have a lot of technical adaptations for the filming of private scenes.They look, of course... So you know, is the film star who refuse to act in such scenes, as a rule, meekly pop on something like that.So it's no surprise that some of Hollywood stars agree to appear in a very natural way to carry all this "beauty"! And such "naturalook" becomes more and more!For example, the famous dramatic actress Holly hunter. "I do not recognize doublers for the sex scenes and the more clothes, the actress said, "playing love" with Harvey Keitel in the film "the Piano"."What nonsense! If you don't want to play in these episodes, no need to take on the role. Harvey and I'm not even discussed such a possibility," she says.The love scene in "the Piano" is so organic that, in agreeing to the understudy, she would have simply ceased to be guided in action, experts say.But Natalie Portman was very unhappy when she's on the set of "Star wars" had to kiss with Hayden Christensen, who played the young Darth Vader. She later admitted that felt like a prostitute when the Director told her how you kiss a partner.But kissing as pretty, and even in advertising with him quite a lot of filming. Because were just afraid of being branded as lopsided.Not a big fan of such episodes and actor Michael Douglas. Still! Imagine how tired he was, when in six days was filmed in sex scenes with Sharon stone in "basic instinct"?!.The actors were quite exhausted, they whole body hurt, because they had to take various arousing poses and is in constant tension. It was noted by all participants of the shooting.After the movie, Michael Douglas, known for his violent temperament, took place in the clinic treatment of sexual "addiction". They say he's got too much sex on set.But the doctors did not help, and soon his wife Diandra filed for divorce, unable to withstand the constant betrayals."Kissing with Mickey Rourke - the same thing that kiss filled with cigarette butts in the ashtray!" - this famous phrase Kim Basinger, she pronounced after the filming of the movie "Nine and a half weeks" has become almost winged.The relationship of the actors portraying the Playground of crazy lovers in life were far from ideal. According to eyewitnesses Kim hated and even slightly afraid of Mickey, who was with her very, very strict.The actors are not communicated outside the shooting area and even haven't talked in between takes. How do you do it - Kim and Mickey refused to go in the same Elevator. But it was filmed without stand and without any tweaks.But Eric Mabius, partner of Selma Hayek on the television series "Ugly Betty" (the American version of "Not born beautiful"), hated the sex scenes entirely different reasons.Black-haired beauty is brought to the site whole pack of their dogs, and instead concentrate on the curves of beautiful Mexican women, Eric was afraid, as though someone was bitten. "She has a lot of dogs," says the actor. And when they all running around is not sexy, and more like a turmoil of traffic".But the actress James king ("Cocaine") such scenes a lot of fun. When she starred in the erotic episodes, barely holding back laughter."Well, it's really funny: lying in bed with the unfamiliar man, burning brightest light, crowding around a huge number of people, but still strict uncle-Director yells into a megaphone: "Action! Started!" - she says.But there are tasks and more complicated. Leonardo DiCaprio on the movie "total Eclipse" had to play a love scene with a... by David Tulisa because the film is about the difficult relationship between the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine."I wouldn't call it sex," says Leo. - We made love. Rimbaud and Verlaine were very close. In my opinion, even too much. I had a lot of kissing. David kept a stiff upper lip, and gradually we got used to it. But the first time I almost threw up. I look at him and have to kiss him now, and his stomach is telling me: "I don't want to!".

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