Valeria bedridden

Valeria bedriddenSeveral days in a row, the Newspapers were full of regular extracts from a medical card of the singer Valeria.They say, with the heart stars serious problems - doctors in France (where the artist was struck attack) found a whole bunch of heart diseases, canceled several concerts, and so on and so forth. "How so? A new year is upon us! And the star chained to the bed!" - we were horrified and decided to find out how Valerie.- Everything is fine. Lera just underwent a routine examination. Now we have already arrived in Moscow, " said the husband and the producer of the singer Iosif Prigozhin in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - Has a bad heart, but all the scary - behind. The crisis has been overcome.- Heart problems accidentally because of constant diets, workouts?- It's hard to say. This with her for the first time. Played a role and continuous flights, air pressure, the difference in the weather. It is exhilarating sport is constantly engaged in, and sleeping for two hours a day. We now have reduced concert load for Lera. At the moment she's okay. When all this happened, we didn't want to cover the topic of her health. Only the organizers of the concert in the Queen, who had to cancel, the truth about health Lera said. And there is such excitement around the incident began.- But soon a new year concert ches...- Yes. I now very worried. Everything that happened can significantly affect our corporate presentations...For the first time heart problems Valerie started during the last pregnancy. The singer was in the process of divorce with her first husband Alexander Shulgin. The condition of the pregnant star has caused great concern among cardiologists, and Valeria was admitted to the Metropolitan hospital.Doctors have done everything possible to the present situation to continue the pregnancy Valerie and heal her heart. Shulgin has never visited his wife in hospital. And if, during the previous two deliveries were present, the latter's son, Senya, Valeria gave birth without him. All this could not but have a negative impact in the future on the health of the singer. Source: Valeria bedridden.

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