Semenovich dropped twice on the ice

Semenovich dropped twice on the iceThe participants of the popular project "Ice age" now go on tour across the country. Somewhere the performances go smoothly, but somewhere not without embarrassment.Thus, during a recent speech in Lipetsk Anna Semenovich twice managed to fall on the ice. The culprit of the first fall was the partner of Anne, actor Alexey Makarov.The artist did not deter the mayor, and Busty beauty fell. And for the second time already both partners fell right in the middle ground, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".However, the public did not condemn a couple for these flaws. In the hall, on the contrary, took it with delight and gave Anna and Alexey Makarov thunderous applause.Perhaps the culprit was the local ice. Ilya Averbukh even used to be called the Moscow Palace of sports "the worst of the Palace, which he saw.".

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