Britney Spears came on to mistress Federline

Britney Spears came on to mistress Federline33-year-old Nicole Narain, became famous for a sex tape with her ex-lover Colin Farrell, told the newspaper News of The World, the truth about Britney Spears.According to Nicole, her partner is very concerned about the mental state of the Spears. He was telling her terrible things about how Britney is drawn with a year-old Jayden James and 2-year-old Sean Preston.Once Kevin found Britney for the fact that she was drinking vodka with coke, and then started to breastfeed Jayden. "I was afraid she would poison my son. But she didn't listen. She never listen to me anyway. She treated me like one of their employees," said ex-husband."Two weeks later, she filed for divorce. I learned about it from the news. I thought she wants to punish me after that incident with breast feeding, but when I called, she gave another scandal and shouted: "Without me you are nothing". I didn't want the divorce, but now I understand that there was no choice".In addition, according to Federline, Britney often concerned itself and absolutely not thinking about the children. For example, she looks after them when they play in the pool or next to it, and also often do not buckle them in the car."She has these mood swings that sometimes I fear that I will call and say that she killed herself. I can't give her children, because seriously fear for them. I lived with her and know what she's capable of after a few pills and some booze," says Motherhood.Nicole also told the publication that once Britney was trying to molest her. It happened last December in the toilet of the restaurant Mr Chows. "I applied makeup and then came Britney. She's provocative looked at me. I didn't like it, but I smiled to be polite. Then she settled down next to me near the mirror and asked me for lipstick. I agreed, put on some on my finger and gave it to her. She rolled her eyes and giggled. It was clear that she was flirting. After that, she moved closer to me and tried to kiss" Source: Britney Spears came on to mistress Federline.

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