Sands lost his head over a woman

Sands lost his head over a womanMen are able to commit rash acts exclusively for women. If this woman is rich and the famous, the man just loses his head and can even get involved in a criminal history.Recently in Moscow with official visit arrived fashion designer Donatella Versace, sister of Gianni Versace. From this, all of the capital's party was not herself. For example, a parodist Alexander Peskov was so excited blonde that went from her party with a glass in hand. When he found the morning of glassware in the back seat of his car, shame he did not. "It just was in shock. Bring a glass! Definitely!" - justified artist of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".Shock artist was acquitted, because Donnatella have paid particular attention. Sands responsible all reacted to the hike in is Versace, where Donatella was appointed the secular parties of the date. The suit is brand-new from the latest collection of the aforementioned brands, long mink coat, a glossy magazine in your hands, in which Sasha posing on the background of his renovated apartment, where everything is entirely from Versace. The efforts of the parodist to stand out to succeed. "Oh, beautiful!" - admired, flipping through a magazine and looking sparkling rhinestones on the costume of the parodist, Donatella.After the boutique Donatella went to dinner at the restaurant "Pushkin". Before leaving, Donatella left in the "guest Book" star autograph and went to sleep in a luxurious room at the hotel "Ritz Carlton". Source: Sands lost his head over a woman.

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