Ksenia Sobchak has decided to become an exemplary wife

Ksenia Sobchak has decided to become an exemplary wife2 years later after a lost wedding "blonde in chocolate" again wants to go to the Registrar. 26-year-old Xenia, which in public and that day can not live without scandal, flirting with men and extravagant antics, as it turned out, ready for family life.As we already wrote, Sobchak had an affair with the CEO and founder of radio station "Silver Rain" Dmitry Savitsky, and these relations coming summer can end in March by Mendelssohn. Seemingly unremarkable man could get the Xenia to be meek than her previous lover.My friends and colleagues "blonde in chocolate" is already whispered that she and her loved one, a 37-year-old Dmitry, preparing for the wedding. The ceremony, like the previous one failed wedding with businessman Alexander Shustorovich, scheduled for the summer.LoveIf Ksyusha this will be the first marriage, Mr. Savitsky was already married and still works with his ex-wife Natalia Sindeeva on one radio station. Here, by the way, they and the closer She got to know each other. Getting acquainted with Savitsky, Sobchak and could not imagine that very soon will experience to this man strong feelings.So strong, that for his sake she dare besmirch his friend Sergey Lazarev. After clockwork Mary "lit" with Sergei at the "New wave" in Jurmala with kisses and Striptease, she's with Dimitri was a serious conversation. And Sobchak't come up with anything better, both as part of a reality show to call any unsuspecting singer "blue" only to suppress the jealousy of a loved one.About their feelings scandalous TV presenter is in no hurry to tell the public, but willingly shares them with friends. Dmitri she calls the best man in her life in all respects. However, elation daughter absolutely does not share her mother Lyudmila Narusova.Who is this, David? I don't know him and don't know him, " said a cut Lyudmila Borisovna.Much more positive emotions in Narusova provoke men only daughter. For example, Umar Dzhabrailov, who for the first time in public was seen Xenia. About any wedding, however, then out of the question, but the relations between them were very serious. Umar gave Xenia diamonds for a few hundred thousand dollars and generally was ready to fulfill any whim.But with the next lover, an American citizen Alexander Shustorovich, She was even ready to go down the aisle. At Valentin Yudashkin was ordered wedding dress which unfortunately, and perhaps to the delight of presenter, and was not wearing it.But along not long left to gather dust in the closet. While famous blonde continued to appear in public with Shustorovich, very soon it was replaced by the diplomat Agip Yengibaryan, but this young man with whom she was associated not fleeting relationships, over time, yielded its place to Dmitry Savitsky. Source: Ksenia Sobchak decided to become an exemplary wife.

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