Childhood friends Abdulov remember his past

Childhood friends Abdulov remember his pastAleksandr Gavrilovich Abdulov was born and raised in the Uzbek city of Ferghana. There still remember their famous countryman and gladly tell interesting stories about his past.Classmates and teachers, of course, remember Sasha Abdulov. And not just because after high school he went to the capital and became a celebrity.Since childhood Abdulov was the ringleader and desperate as a yard boy. Suffered from inventive antics of Sasha and neighbors, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The boys then put a homemade firecrackers under the wheels, we were all scared to death. Now this with a smile says a close friend Abdulov Rustam Madaliev."Yes, we have arranged our neighbors "massacre of St. Bartholomew," he says. - I really don't remember what Sasha was preparing these firecrackers. With experiments in chemistry he stole potassium chlorate. And from the theater often brought Sasha makeup. Will namagembe and go to scare our neighbors. Well, after a serious conversation with the parents".Smoking Abdulov started early, at the age of 13-14. "We have money for cigarettes was not," says a friend of the actor, Yes, and to buy something to be ashamed - maybe someone will see, will tell. We started Smoking with a king-bulls". On the second floor aunt Anna lived, she, along with Lyudmila make-up artist, worked at the theater. It will be released on the balcony to smoke, toss the roach. And we Karauli. The filter is covered in lipstick to get in, and okorochas in a circle let go".In childhood for yellowish complexion Abdulov called Sanya-office. They say he looked like he just came out from the office.Despite this "strict" nickname, Abdulov as a child was a bully. "Yes what not, once he is dead cat in the class threw - lists the exploits of each artist. - The school such a scandal was. Then we went to the river, look, Sasha the fire lit, the chicken fries. Well we are happy, bathed, he treats us. Guys admire: like, how delicious the chicken was, and then, when ate, asking: "Sasha, where's the chicken-and-so?" And he: "dead In the river swam, I fished her out and fried". Near poultry farm was, how there the chicken was, we did not understand".Teachers, too, remember Alexander Abdulov. That's what it told the teacher in chemistry Lyudmila Zakharova: "Met a math teacher, he tells me that Abdulov arm hurts, even bandaged. But in my lesson he already came without dressing. Okay.The lesson began, watch, Sasha sitting in the back row, hand holds on the tooth and moans. And I told him: "Abdulov, not the hand holding the tooth!" And the lesson is not released. So in gym class that day he was limping! And once we have the whole school went to picking cotton. I on his head was released Sasha from work on the field and sent to the kitchen. And nightmare happened: someone spiked the food, Madam. I think he did, although they didn't confessed.".

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