"Poor Nastya" returns to the screens

Four years ago the TV series "Poor Nastya" watched and discussed by the whole country. An adventurous love story in the beautiful surroundings of the XIX century, with a beautiful cast and a thrilling story have captivated many viewers.In January, the CTC will be a new ambitious project called "One night of love". But among themselves the creators call the series "Poor Nastya-2".Between the two creations of the company "AMEDIA" and indeed a lot in common. Again the same era - XIX century. Migrated to a new series and many actors: Nicholas I again will play Victor Verzhbitsky, and his wife Alyona Bondarchuk. But their role son, the crown Prince Alexander Romanov, this time will perform Ilya Noskov, known to viewers for her role of Erast Fandorin in the "Azazel". Returned to historical entourage actress Olga Ostroumova and Alexander Filippenko, the most brilliant tandem of the TV series "Poor Nastya". This time to the actors of the old school were joined by Irina Muravyova."I love to go in this project," shared joy Olga Ostroumova. - Although the experience of "Poor Nastya" was very difficult for all. It was the beginning, everything was used. But I think this project will go well. The viewer misses the romance. The human passions remain the same, regardless of what they costumes - modern or nineteenth century.".

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