Celebrities who have great bodies

Celebrities who have great bodiesIn a survey commissioned by the British fitness organization, Premier Training International, decided celebrities with the most enviable bodies, reports the Press Association.Among men, the list was headed by "James bond" Craig David, followed by the Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson. Brad pitt took third place, Hugh Grant is the fourth, David Beckham is the fifth.Orlando bloom and johnny Depp was in sixth and seventh lines, respectively. Complete the "top ten" actors Lee Mead, Colin Firth and Sean Connery.In the women's classification, first place was taken by 28-year-old actress myleene Klass, which lined up Helly berry, Jessica Simpson and Madonna. Fifth place went to Sophia Loren. It is followed by Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, uma Thurman, Jennifer aniston and actress Gabby Logan.Interestingly, seventy-year-old Sean Connery and Sophia Loren was ahead of his much younger colleagues, in particular, George Clooney and Sienna Miller.77-year-old former 007 Connery bypassed and other celebrities such as Prince William (25) and Jude law(34) that were not included in the top tenA 73-year-old movie legend Sophia Loren respondents chose such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller. Source: Celebrities who have great bodies.

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