It's a real fight in `-2`

It's a real fight in `-2`In the "House-2" on TNT began a creative confrontation "cities" and "villages". Soon the participants will have to survive a real fight.The instigator of the feud was the "owner "of the House-2" semen Frolov, and to resist him and his team "the beginners" will be the star of the reality show, who moved to the capital, the Sun, Stepan Menshchikov, Sam and Nastya, tori and Russel.Winner of the "Host "House-2" semen Frolov was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that in Moscow apartment to realize their professional dreams moved the Sun, Tap and pair Sam with Nastya and tori with Russel's. The Simon thinks much more worthy of a separate apartment in the capital, and their dreams are more worthy of implementation. Because it is, in its opinion, are much more talented and more fertile in terms of creativity than reality stars.To prove this, Frolov has challenged the "old". He offered to fight in an open creative battle. Against six stars-urban "House-2" semen nominates a team of six novices of the TV show living on the "glade". To rate songs, skits and jokes will be better, will the audience. The winning team will get a prize from TNT, plus semen promises to send his strongest right to grant immunity from elimination in the vote, which he won, becoming the winner of the competition "the master of the "House-2". Source: the Real fight in the House -2"".

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